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Welcome to 10 Minute Word Games

Make as many words as you can from 7 letters before the clock runs out.

All words:

  • Must have more than 3 characters
  • Must contain the key letter
  • Can only use the provided letters

Your score is the count of the letters in all the words you make. For every pangram (uses all 7 letters), you will receive 20 additional points.

Press Enter or click to record your word choice.

Press backspace or click to delete the last character typed.

Press the ESC key or click to clear the input box.

Click to resign.

Click to shuffle the letters.

Warning: This is an uncurated list of words from the official Scrabble dictionary. It contains archaic words and words that may you find vulgar or offensive.

Feel free to send us any words that you think should be in the list or words that you believe should be removed.

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